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Car Repairs in Brighton

Your local repair experts in Brighton

At Strafford Self Drive T/A Strafford Automotive located in Brighton we have dedicated bays and highly experienced technicians able to handle mechanical repair work and full ECU fault diagnostics.

Each of our technicians are experts in their own specialities meaning that your vehicle will be assigned to the technician with the most appropriate experience and training. Our commitment to our customers is to provide a fantastic and transparent service with excellent communication, meaning we will provide you with a quote before any repair work commences.

We have welding specialists in house to provide quality welding and MIG welding work that is fully compliant with the rigorous standards of the MOT test. We advise that with regards to welding we will first need to physically see the areas requiring work to provide an accurate quote.

Some of the repair work we frequently conduct

MOT Repairs

We are able to deal with any repairs required as a result of a failed MOT test. We are able to offer these types of repair regardless of whether we conducted the MOT or not and we will be more than happy to provide you with a no obligation quote before conducting any work.


Covering just about any make and model of vehicle, we are able to provide repairs across the entire steering system including the exchange manual and power steering racks, steering column bushes, steering column bearings and couplings, power steering pumps and the hydraulic systems.

Symptoms: Very tight steering wheel, Leaking power steering fluid, Grinding noise when steering, Burning oil smell.


Most makes and models covered: shock absorbers, road springs, ball joints, track control arms, bushes and other associated components.

Symptoms: Worn tyres, tyre shaking, excessive vibration, a sunken chassis, body sway when driving in strong winds, nose dive when braking, fluid leaking from the strut.


We are able to provide repairs and replacements across the entire braking system including the brake linings, discs, drums, master cylinders, wheel cylinders, calipers, hoses and metal brake pipes.

Symptoms: Grinding noises, a spongy feeling pedal, grinding sounds or the handbrake raising higher than normal.


The timing belt, or cambelt, is a critical component of the engine. It is responsible for keeping many of the moving parts in the engine properly synchronised. It is imperative that your cambelt is changed in accordance with the manufacturer's specification as a snapped timing belt can cause expensive and severe damage to the engine.

Symptoms: Damage associated with cambelts is often sudden and unexpected with a little forewarning. It is for this reason that prevention is far better than the associated repairs when it comes to cambelts regular servicing offers the best preventative measure you can take.


Using the latest technology we are able to take a reading of your vehicle's ECU. The Engine Control Unit is responsible for monitoring and storing a range of data gathered from a number of sensors located around your vehicle. The ECU uses this data to detect faults across many of the systems located around your vehicle.

Symptoms: Dashboard warning lights, engine stalling or misfiring, poor engine performance, car not starting, poor fuel economy.

Mechanic doing repair work on a vehicle - Car Repairs Brighton

This is by no means an exhaustive list of the repair work we are able to carry out, so if you have any questions or wish to speak to someone about the issues you are experiencing with your vehicle you can contact us here.

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